VoIP Your Way!
VoIP Your Way!


Leber Solutions has the most powerful, and most efficient, all digital calling platform in the World. We make it possible for companies to deliver high quality prospects to their phones instantly. Whether you are a one person operation, or a call center with hundreds of agents, we will help you drive sales. We will bring interested customers to you, enabling you to skyrocket your sales overnight.


There is no better lead than an interested prospect on the line with you or your agent. By getting your company set up with a Leber Transfer campaign you can control your lead flow, set schedules for your inbound lead campaigns, and start getting leads right away.


Each plan includes the following…

  Free script development with certified marketing professionals for most campaigns

  Live Customer Service reps available via phone from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST

  Easy to use, personalized sign-in that allows you to stop, start, and adjust your campaign at any time

  Complimentary use of business, homeowner, or white page data

  Daily call reports



Once we’ve called someone and they are interested in your offer, our live leads system features can transfer the contact to your call center or office in seconds. All you have to give us is a phone number (DID number) to transfer your contacts to. What sets us apart from other live leads vendors, is our comprehensive campaign delivery and management system. Below is a list of all of our call center management features, most of which cannot be found anywhere else. Go ahead and see for yourself, call our office today for a demo. 

Smart Solutions for Call Center Management

  • Change your “Transfer” Phone Number in Real Time
  • Increase or Decrease the Number of Call Center Contacts Made Per Minute
  • Change the Caller ID Shown on your Outgoing Contacts
  • Change the Number of Simultaneous Calls Allowed to your Office
  • Playback Recordings for Quality Control
  • Add Numbers to the In-House DO-NOT-CALL List
  • Turn Your Campaign Management ON or OFF In Real Time
  • Run Real Time Reports
  • Change your Scheduled Broadcast Hours


Free Database Usage

We offer our clients FREE usage of our entire database. We have over 350 Million phone numbers. This typically saves our clients anywhere from two to ten cents per record!

Conversation Recording

Our management system will record ALL contacts transferred to your call center to ensure your staff is doing their job effectively. You will be able to listen to all call recordings.

Free Simultaneous Call Limitation

You only have a limited number of people who can answer the phone at the same time. When a specific number of people are simultaneously talking with your call center, your broadcast will AUTOMATICALLY stop. This ensures your call center will never be inundated with too many contacts, but enough to keep everyone busy.

No Setup Fees

Our campaign management system is the low cost leader in live transfers. We focus on volume and will not nickel and dime you. You will know your exact costs before your live lead transfer campaign begins.

Free “Automatic Transfer Retry”

If our live lead transfer campaign transfers a contact and your call center and your lines are busy, we will retry your phone number every 10 seconds until we get through. During that time, our campaign management system will play hold music. With our system, you have the flexability to choose which settings work best for you. All changes can be made on the fly and are immediately implemented.


Tons of Campaign options!

Live Transfers – Broadcast your pre-recorded message to thousands of people per hour. Nobody likes getting those calls but people are still making them. Why? Because they work! As you know, in sales, the more people you talk to the more you sell. Voice broadcasting is one of the cheapest ways to generate exclusive real-time leads. Plus you control the flow. They are leads on a switch. You want 10 leads today, just flip the switch. You want 1000 leads today, just flip the switch. No more waiting for people to return a mailer or call you from the yellow pages. You never have to have another slow season. If you need real-time, exclusive sales leads just log in and turn them on. Within a few minutes you’ll have intereste people on the line wanting to buy whatever you’re selling.


Voicemail Leads – If you don’t want to field the calls where people are saying “Take me off your list”, then we can arrange the respondents to go to voicemail so you can filter through them and only call back the people that are genuinely interested in what your selling.

Survey Leads – We can help you set up a telephonic survey which will qualify buyers. The recipients of a voice broadcast will be taken through a series of questions and based on their responses they will be filtered out to qualify them as
interested buyers.

Information Blasts – Broadcast an informational message containing information
about your industry or field of expertise. By analyzing your call reports, you will be able see how long people listened to the message. Based on the structure of your message, you will be able to determine interested people to call back by the length of time they listened to your message.

Announcement Blasts – Maybe you’re a school or a church and you need to get a message out to hundreds or even thousands of people quick. We’ve got your solution. Just load up your message and your list of people to be called and turn it on. It’s that simple.

Managed Fronter Campaigns – Would you like a team of people to initially take your live transfers and further qualify them before they speak to your sales people? Good sales people can be finicky can’t they! We can help with low cost fronters. They will use your script and qualify them to whatever level you want. Never have to listen to sales people complain about your leads again!

Avatar Campaigns – Wouldn’t it be great to outsource your fronters to a foreign country for a few dollars per hour? But they always have accents, even if they speak perfect English. Also, they don’t understand American culture good enough to really fight for the business, which leads to inefficiency. Well now you can save money on fronters! We have the technology to equip foreign fronters with American
voices complete with proven scripts and rebuttals. Quit paying $8-$12 per hour for fronters, Hire a team of Avatars for a fraction of the price.

Call Center Platform (Predictive dial) – We can keep your sales force hooked up! As soon as they hang up with one prospect they are on the line with another. In sales, the more people you talk to, the more you sell right? If you need to increase your agents’ contacts per day number, we can solve that problem. Are your people spending all day dialing disconnected numbers and leaving voicemails? Our Call Center Platform detects answering machines and will not connect them to your agents (unless you want them leaving voicemails). It rapidly dials hundreds of numbers simultaneously and only connects live people at “Hello”. How much more could your team sell if they got back-to-back people on the phone? Instead of dialing 300-400 phone numbers and mostly leaving voicemails, they are SPEAKING to 300-400 LIVE PEOPLE a day!



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