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PBX Systems

What is a Cloud-Based Business Telephone System?


It’s just like your regular phone system, except that the phones hook up to the Internet connection you already have. And cloud-based means it brings loads of advanced business communication features only available with very expensive traditional phone systems.



Traditional phone systems cost a lot of money to operate and maintain:

  • Obsolete technology  

  • Heavy IT infrastructure

  • Inflexible-limited to a single location 

  • Very expensive to set up and make changes




You will have access to:

·         Admin Portal

·         Busy Lamp Field (BLF)

·         Call Announce

·         Call Center 

·         Call Conference

·         Call Continuity

·         Call Forwarding

·         Call Group 

·         Call Hold

·         Call Logs

·         Call Monitoring 

·         Call Park

·         Call Pass

·         Call Queue 

·         Call Recording: Company-Wide 

·         Call Recording: On-Demand 

·         Call Screening

·         Call Transfer

·         Call Waiting

·         Caller ID

·         Caller ID Block

·         Cell Phone Integration

·         Click-to-Call Me

·         Click-to-Dial

·         Cloud PBX

·         Conference Bridge 

·         CRM Integration 

·         Custom Tagging

·         Dashboard

·         Directory Assistance (411)

·         Do Not Disturb

·         Dynamic Caller ID

·         Emergency Assistance (911)

·         Follow Me

·         International Long Distance

·         Local or Geographic Number 

·         Main Company Number 

·         Mobile Connect 

·         Multiple Devices on One Extension

·         Music on Hold

·         Never Miss a Call

·         Paging Group 

·         Paperless Fax 

·         Phone Number Porting

·         Private SIP Trunking 

·         Set Caller ID

·         Seven-Digit Dialing

·         Simultaneous Ring

·         Toll Free Numbers 

·         Unified Inbox

·         User Portal

·         Video Conferencing 

·         Virtual Mailbox 

·         Virtual Receptionist

·         Voicemail

·         Voicemail to Email

·         Voicemail Transcription
    Work From Anywhere




So much more than a business phone system

Great business phone service is just the beginning. Leber Solutions gives you far more than traditional PBX systems, at a fraction of the cost.

Get advanced phone features

Communicate more profitably using dozens of great Fortune 500 features, like extension dialing, auto attendant, ring groups, call recording and Internet faxing.

Collaborate freely

Empower everyone to work together more effectively no matter where they are with collaboration capabilities like web conferencingand video meetings.



Go mobile and global

Connect all your people, locations and devices with a single communication system that offers seamless mobile access and superior global reach.

 Enjoy phenomenal savings

Save 50% or more on your monthly phone bill and up to 90% in deployment costs compared to traditional phone systems.


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